This strain is Nitro Lemon Haze crossed by Bangi Haze. It is branchy bushy Christmas style plant. It has good mold resistance and is very lemony haze aroma and flavor. Finishes in mid Oct. to 3rd week of Oct.

This strain is Bangi Haze crossed by our R2 poison. It’s got a lemony hazey aroma and flavor. Finishes in late Sept. early Oct. with great mold resistance.

This strain is Swamp Skunk crossed by Goldmine Skunk. Nice mid size plant. Mold resistant hard sticky buds. Finishes in mid / late Sept.

This strain is (auto Glueberry OG x Early Poison Warp)  x  R2 Skunk. Finishes in late August to mid Sept. Great mold resistance and rugged plant. Buds are hard and stinky, sticky with a fruity, skunky flavor. Not the biggest plant but a good producer for size.

This strain is (Iranian x Seawarp) x Goldmine Skunk. Mid Sept, finish with great mold resistance. Lemony, skunky, fur tree aroma and flavor.

“Skidder Trail” is a cross of a female red stocked erdpurt poison x red stocked r2 pheno. Fast strain done in early to mid Sept. Good mold resistant, hard sticky buds.

“Red Beard’s Loot ” is a cross of a real early r2 pheno female crossed by a early male afghan fantasy. Mid to late Sept finish. Hardy strong plant, good mold resistant and fruity skunky aromas

This strain is a cross of R-2 x Poison Warp. Done mid to late September and has good mold resistance. Really skunky sticky buds.

This strain is an old school skunk from New Brunswick Canada and is a very special tough strain.  Done late September, and is very mold resistant. Nice tight buds that are sticky as hell with very strong skunky aroma.

A cross of Dr. Greenthumb Goldmine ( early pheno ) and our early R-2 pheno, its a nice skunky plant that finishes by mid September. Here in coastal Maine has a good mold resistance and lots of buds the whole length the branches 5-6 ft tall and a wide Christmas tree shape.