Pine Tar Kush is a landrace from Pakistan offered originally from Tom Hill, we have worked with cultivar through the years and have made IBL. Pine Tar Kush has a piney pear smell and flavor. The high is euphoric and happy with a sleepy sedated ending that will give you the munchies. Indoor grow time 60 days. Outdoor 1st week in October.

Afghan mango is a delicious flavor in this high powered indica that will give you a relaxed euphoric with slight giggles. Super heavy dark olive green nug’s with deep purple undertones, vibrant orange hairs and undercoating of frosty purple tinted white crystal trichomes. Indoor finish 60 days, outdoor 1st week of October.

GREEN POISON SKUNK, this strain has a spruce tree spicey aroma that has good mold resistance. Grows christmas tree style with alot of bud sites. Finishes in mid to late september on mid coastal Maine.

ORANGE HILL SKUNK, this strain has a very strong orange hazey aroma that has good mold resistance. Buds are hard and stickey. Grow like christmas tree with lots of bud sites. Done mid to late september on mid coast Maine near the bay.

This strain has an aroma of citrus / berry w fuel. Nice solid plant with lots of bud sites. Medium size, done early Oct. Very tasty strain!

This is a great outdoor strain. Tough plant that grows well in Coastal Maine. It has a fuel / berry, hashy aroma and flavor. Really good mold resistance done in early to mid Oct. with rock hard buds and a medium yield from a more columnar growth pattern.

This is a strong, tough outside strain that is great for New England weather and similar elsewhere. Finishes in early to mid Oct with good mold resistance. It has a lemon / tar, fuel / berry aroma and flavor. This strain grows more a rounder style growth with lots of tops and is a good yielder.

“Skidder Trail” is a cross of a female red stocked erdpurt poison x red stocked r2 pheno. Fast strain done in early to mid Sept. Good mold resistant, hard sticky buds.

This strain is an old school skunk from New Brunswick Canada and is a very special tough strain.  Done late September, and is very mold resistant. Nice tight buds that are sticky as hell with very strong skunky aroma.

A cross of Dr. Greenthumb Goldmine ( early pheno ) and our early R-2 pheno, its a nice skunky plant that finishes by mid September. Here in coastal Maine has a good mold resistance and lots of buds the whole length the branches 5-6 ft tall and a wide Christmas tree shape.