Grown in Coastal Maine

Strains & Seeds

Brain Twister

ya hemi x r2 original skunk
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New Brunswick Old School Skunk
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R-2 Poison

R-2 x Poison Warp
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Skidder Trail

erdpurt poison x r2 pheno
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Goldmine Skunk

Dr. Greenthumb Goldmine x R-2 pheno
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Erdpurt Poison

erdpurt x r2 poison
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Ghost Train Poison

ghost train haze x r2 poison
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iranian x seawarp x goldmine skunk
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Our Mission

Getaway Mountain Seed is a breeder and direct
cannabis seed company owned and operated by the breeder.

Getaway Mountain Seed specializes in producing seeds that are resistant and fast finishing, early strains for the outdoor grower. Being located on the northeast coast of Maine, where we get fog and rain from mid-September on, we are always working on new strains for the short season grower. We only work with strains that show a good mold resistance!

Year Round Operation

Inside our indoor greenhouse we make clone plants, and seeds.

We operate year round even in the snow in the winter here in coastal Maine.

We are always talking to local growers, hunting down proven strains for the outdoor climate here in Coastal Maine. Some the best strains are in the woods in a coffee can or jar on shelve at old hippy’s hut off grid.

We take the time to build trust to work with the old school guerilla growers and find the gems they hold.

Outdoor “Guerrilla” Grow

Because a portion of Getaway Mountain Seed’s grow takes place outdoors, we participate in what is often called “guerrilla grow”, using many craft techniques to keep our plants out of the swamps when it rains, and well watered when the ground is drier.

Old wood choppings are our go to spots that are usually on the hillsides around swamps, high above, or away from the morning fog line that hovers over swamps, streams and ponds (great breeding ground for mold) and usually are in full sun all day.

Just be at your spot at daylight and dusk to see the sun line and plant accordingly.

Healthy Water = Healthy Plants

At Getaway Mountain, since we are mainly an outdoor grow, we practice what is often called “guerilla growing”. Using a variety of craft techniques, we pump water into tarps that can be set up anywhere.

We put several tarps up in each spot for the seasons water supply and have no problem watering plants where there isn’t any water after spring rain stops.

We pump water during the spring rains to our water tarps that we set up at grow locations. By leap frogging water between tarps every 500 ft. or so, we can get great fresh rain water moved along way from grow sites. After filling tarps, and spring trees and bushes fill in, there is never a trail from water source to grow spot.

Happy growing!


How do I place an order?

Where do you ship to?

  • Getaway Mountain Seeds ships to all 50 states. We do not ship outside the United States.

What payment options do you offer?

  • Getaway Mountain Seeds accepts **only cash or blank post office money orders** sent by mail. We are currently working on other payment methods.

Can I drop by in person to get seeds?

  • No. Getaway Mountain Seeds seeds only available here online. We are a breeder & direct seed bank operated by the breeder.

How many seeds per pack?

  • Each pack is 13 seeds (regular).